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‘Seventy’, the first dark roast blend of Bean Brothers, started with a question from a customer.

“Is there a coffee that is stronger than Black Suit and can be drunk without worrying about acidity?”

As time went on, more and more customers asked for a strong roast coffee and Sehun Joo, manager of the B2B team, went to visit Roaster Kim Seon-min with the proposal to make our first high quality dark roast blend.

After 4 months of R&D to determine the proper blending ratio and roasting degree, ‘Seventy’ is finally ready for our B2B partners. It was a combination of Brazil, which expresses the flavor of cacao nibs well, El Salvador, which fills the sweetness and body of coffee, and Peru, which adds complexity to the blend.

The name ‘Seventy’ was inspired by the color track of the blend, which indicates the color of the coffee bean after roasting. For those who have been waiting for Bean Brother’s strong roasted blend, we hope that the ‘Seventy’ blend will be able to fulfill your expectations and continue to help you serve consistently delicious coffee to your customers.

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Our approach to wholesale specialty coffee supply is based on the simple tenets of quality, consistency, and accessiblity. We want the coffee you serve to be the very best it possibly can be.

Our Coffee

Our espresso blends are a product of years of refinement and have been developed with the aim of providing a high quality, year-round stable blend. As some growing regions come into season and others move on, we rework our blends gradually and deliberately to ensure the highest quality and absolute consistency throughout the year.

In contrary with a consistent espresso blend profile, we source and roast a great variety of the freshest single origin every season available in the world, occasionally some COEs, competition coffee and auction lots. We have roasted and supplied more than 220 different single origin coffees to date.

We roast fresh daily in Seoul on Loring Smart Roasters. The Loring is the most technically advanced roaster in production, and was designed from the ground up to be the most energy efficient roaster ever made.

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Our Services

Successful coffee businesses do not happen by chance. Along with providing the best coffee to our clients, we work on building long term relationships that foster success. 

Our wholesale service includes personal delivery in KL / PJ, equipment and coffee bar consultation, coffee program design, comprehensive barista training and advice and supply of accessories, brewers and tools.

We are available around the clock to assist our wholesale customers with any question or concerns.

Reach out to us

We always look forward to working with businesses that feel the same passion for coffee as we do. Feel free to reach out to us. We’d be more than happy to meet you.